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New! Chief Data & Analytics Officer Exchange Post Event Report

The new Chief Data & Analytics Officer Exchange Post Event Report features speaker interviews, attendee profile data, list of attending organizations and much more

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The Cost of Data Breaches (Video Infographic)

What is the economic impact of a data breach? This short video provides data about the average cost of a data breach, average cost per record and average cost by sector.

The Impact of Automation: An Interview with Julia Kirby and Thomas H. Davenport

Widespread unemployment. Growing income equality. Poor quality of life. This is the brave new world that Julia Kirby, Editor at Large of the Harvard Business Review and Thomas H. Davenport, Professor of IT & Management at Babson College and Research Fellow at MIT, have been contemplating as they research their upcoming book, which will address the impacts of technology on the workforce.

Mobile Technology: An Interview with The New York Times' Scott Stanchak

New York Times Director of Mobile Marketing Scott Stanchak discusses mobile technology, content, marketing and plans for the year ahead. 

Location-Based Technology: An Interview with Chrysler's Jason Butki

Having the ability to reach consumers based on their location and using that information to your fullest advantage is something that most brands are in the process of figuring out. As Head of Mobile Business Solutions at Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA), Jason Butki sees significant opportunity in providing such content to the user on his or her own terms.

Audience Targeting on TV: An Interview with Turner Broadcasting's Daniel Aversano

Daniel Aversano, Senior Vice President of New Products & Client Solutions at Turner Broadcasting, discusses bringing the data, analytics and technology tools long available within the digital domain to broadcast television.


2016 Chief Data and Analytics Officer Survey Results

IQPC Exchange surveyed senior level data and analytics officers from Fortune 1000 companies about their companies and their priorities for 2016-2017. This infographic shows a respondent industry breakdown, average revenue, top investment areas, budgets for purchasing external solutions and more. The titles of those surveyed included CDA, CDO and Senior Director of Data and Analytics.

Data Matters: What Priorities Will Top Data & Analytics Officers’ Lists in 2017?

These are the results of a survey given to senior-level data and analytics executives from some of the world’s biggest organizations.


Data, Analytics and the Future: A Q&A with Ari Caroline, Chief Analytics Officer, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

In this Q&A Ari explains why the use of machine learning for automation is unlikely to overtake most organizational roles in the near future, why data is so incredibly important, the continucontinuous need for data scientists and his priorities for 2016.